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Yanbu, 28 Jumada Al-Akhirah 1440 AH, corresponding to March 5, 2019 AD, SPA
The thirteenth Yanbu Industrial Flower and Garden Festival set a record among winter festivals in the Kingdom, surpassing the 200,000 visitor mark during the first 5 days of its launch, reflecting the level of development and renewal that characterizes the festival each year,
The organizing committee explained that the festival has seen significant attendance from the residents and visitors of Yanbu Industrial City since its inception, enjoying its events, programs, and activities that meet the desires and aspirations of the festival’s visitors to suit all segments of society, and the excellence of the programs, events, and participating pavilions directly contributed to the festival’s leading position in terms of brilliance and distinction among its peers at the local, regional, and international levels.
This year’s new sections, such as the Strawberry Garden, International Gardens, Butterfly Garden, and Rare Birds, saw significant interaction from the festival visitors, while the gardening corner attracted the attention of those interested in deepening the meanings and terms of creative educational ideas and instilling plant care in children’s hearts, while other festival event locations saw significant visitor turnout.
The organizing committee made sure to present many programs and competitions on the children and family stage daily to entertain families and children and cater to different age groups, and the presence of volunteers from the various segments of Yanbu Industrial City’s population, both male and female, at all festival facilities, competing to provide all services, support, guidance, and advice to festival visitors, was noteworthy.
The festival management provided luxurious electric vehicles and buses to serve the visitors, enabling them to move around the festival with ease and distinctive fluidity, and the festival this year was distinguished by wide media coverage from television channels, official press, electronic press, and the government communication center affiliated with the Ministry of Information, which contributed to spreading the festival’s buzz throughout the regions of the Kingdom and beyond, resulting in an increase in visitor numbers and boosting economic activity in the fields of hotel services, transportation, and hospitality throughout Yanbu Governorate.