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Launch of Flower and Gardens Festival with a full program and exciting events from 15 February to 09 March 2024 held at
Events park – Yanbu Industrial City

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, January 31, 2024 – The Royal Commission in Yanbu has officially announced the commencement of the Yanbu Flower and Gardens Festival for the year 2024, starting from February 15th until March 9th. This unique event promises a plethora of activities and exciting attractions, all set within stunning ambiance of the Events Park in Yanbu Industrial City. The Yanbu Flower and Gardens Festival has established itself as a premier destination for all segments of society, garnering significant popularity in previous editions and attracting both local and international tourists.
With its sprawling floral landscapes, meticulously crafted by talented Saudi youth from the Royal Commission’s flower nursery in Yanbu, the festival stands as a natural artistic masterpiece, offering visitors the opportunity to wander through the largest open-air flower garden in the Kingdom.
CEO of the Royal Commission at Yanbu, Eng. AbdulHadi A. Al-Juhani highlighted the significance of the Yanbu Flower and Garden Festival and said:
” “The festival is designed to cater to the interests of Yanbu Industrial City’s vibrant community while contributing to the ambitious goals outlined in Saudi Vision 2030, We aim to employ the festival to offer unique opportunities for economic growth and position Yanbu Industrial City as a noteworthy tourist destination.”
The President of the Flower and Garden Festival, Eng. Hani Owidah, said: “Preserving the environment and sustainability are top priorities of Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY), and we are keen for the festival to be closely linked to the strategic goals of the Saudi Green Initiative and to promote sustainable environmental practices while committing to environmental conservation. These initiatives include implementing a diligent recycling program, launching environmentally friendly initiatives, and educational workshops on environmental conservation.”
The Flower and Garden Festival in Yanbu effectively contributes to diversifying the economy and improving the quality of life of Yanbu region’s residents. It is characterized by its focus on balancing industry and the environment, with a commitment to sustainable development and support for environmental and cultural initiatives.
A prime destination for families and a melting pot of diverse cultures, the festival offers visitors the chance to indulge in various educational and entertaining environmental experiences. This year’s program boasts a myriad of new events, characterized by diversity and inclusivity, catering to the aspirations and desires of both organizers and visitors alike.
The festival presents a unique blend of experiences, artistic, cultural, and entertainment events celebrating the rich tapestry of art, culture, and entertainment amidst the beauty of Yanbu’s vibrant natural surroundings.
The festival kicks off at Events Park of Yanbu Industrial City, celebrating the diversity of flowers cultivated in the Royal Commission’s nursery, coinciding with the lifecycle of these seasonal blooms. The festival has evolved to surpass previous achievements not only in floral cultivation and arrangement but also in spatial design.
During previous seasons, the festival has achieved several remarkable global milestones, securing multiple entries in the Guinness World Records. Notably, it claimed the title for the largest flower carpet, surpassing contenders from around the world. In the current edition, the festival aims to continue its legacy by setting new records, with announcements expected to be unveiled soon. JABEEN co., the investment arm of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu and the main developer and sponsor of Flower and Gardens festival, mentioned that it will offer a comprehensive program featuring qualitative performances, and interactive entertainment stations, along with numerous other pavilions showcasing flower arrangements, gardening services, home garden planting and maintenance, bird and butterfly gardens, strawberry gardens, agricultural tools, nursery products, and companies specialized in related fields, alongside a recycling garden, an annual innovative idea aimed at promoting a culture of reuse and recycling.
The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu is committed to promoting sustainable development and entrepreneurship by supporting local companies and assisting them in promoting their services and products. The festival provides unique investment opportunities, serving as a catalyst for the local economy, and playing a vital role in supporting local economic development by encouraging economic development by encouraging local companies and allocating spaces for them to showcase their products and services.
Additionally, the festival receives significant support from the local community, with over 2000 volunteers contributing to various aspects of planning and executing the event. The festival team is dedicated to training volunteers, honing their skills and abilities, and providing them with the necessary experience to manage events, assist the public, and engage during the festival’s duration. Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu invites all visitors and enthusiasts to visit festival’s website and explore the event details for an unforgettable experience at YanbuFlowerFestival.com.sa.
Event Details:
• What: Flower and Gardens Festival
• Where: Celebration Park, Yanbu Industrial City
• When: February 15th – March 9th, 2024